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Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance.  The ability to sail off a lee shore, shorten a passage to within the available weather window and safely manoeuvre through heavy seas.


Equally important is having the comfort required to avoid fatigue when heading offshore.  A dry and comfortable cockpit, good visibility, and a forgiving motion are essential for a safe and enjoyable passage.


Outbound Yachts are designed with all of these important aspects in mind - Resulting in an extremely comfortable sailing yacht with massive stowage and tankage that is required for safe and enjoyable offshore passages. 


Current Models: -  Outbound 46'  52'  56'.  

New models: - Outbound 52' Voyager and Outbound 60'

We are pleased to announce our new flagship


Hull design

The new Outbound 60 hull has been designed for comfortable, extended blue-water sailing.  A more forgiving, traditional bow entry with a slight overhand allows for flare and more comfort in larger seas.   A deeper bilge allows for both an increase in the interior volume as well as avoiding the pounding and slamming that many newer designs suffer from with a flatter bottom.


Lifting keel option

The optional lifting keel is a simple design via a hydraulic ram to dual Dyneema lines.  This straight forward design means that the operation and maintenance is very straight forward.     
The centreboard design has many advantages.  Upwind, the centreboard has more draft and can help the boat point higher.  Off-the -wind the drag can be reduced by partially or fully raising the centreboard to balance the boat and achieve a higher speed.  The righting moments for both the standard keel and the centreboard design are very similar.   


Safe and secure centre cockpit

The twin helm positions are only 9 inches above the height of the cockpit floor, giving great protection when having to helm in poor conditions.  The mainsheet and primary winches are located within easy reach of both helms and there is easy access to the side decks between the helm and cockpit seating.  The deep safe cockpit is very well protected and the seat backs are high for added comfort on long passages.  The side decks are clear and have high gunwales ensuring easy and safe movement around the deck.

Down below, the Outbound 60, like her sister ships, has all the attributes of a well designed offshore sailing yacht, but with the quality and luxury that gives that 'home from home' feeling.  A variety of wood finishes and soft furnishings are available for individual tastes.

Outbound 60
Outbound 60 Aft Quarter
Outbound Bluewater 60
Outbound 60 Lifting Keel
Outbound Bluewater 60
Voyager 52
Voyager 52
Voyager 52 Stern
Voyager 52 Stern
Outbound 46
Outbound 52
Outbound 56
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