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The Saffier SE 27 Leisure is the perfect day-sailing yacht for cruising in full control and with maximum speed. With its striking design combined with speed and safety, the Saffier SE27 Leisure is ideal for sailing with family and friends. It features modern hull lines for good form stability, a 2.60m beam, a foldable propulsion, a lead keel for a high righting moment and an ergonomic, sheltered and self-draining cockpit. It also has 4 berths, easy handling and is built with the best materials available in the market. The Saffier SE 27 Leisure provides the ultimate day-sailing experience.

A closer look reveals her family character: a large uncluttered cockpit with sundeck, easy access to the water, a high righting moment and a solid electric propulsion while entering the harbour all comes in play when sailing with family or friends. Safety is the most important word with loved ones and this exactly what the Saffier SE 27 Leisure provides. 

Combining speed and safety together with her striking looks makes the Saffier SE 27 Leisure the perfect daysailer.

Ultimate speed, high performance and striking looks is what the new Saffier SE 27 Leisure shows at first sight. Sailing in full control, single hand with all sheets and lines at your helm and double digits speed on your display.


  • Configurable to your specifications: Electric or diesel engine, tiller or helm, three different keel options

  • Configurable to your desires: you choose colour, fabrics, woods, propulsion, sails, and other hardware.

  • Fast, downwind and upwind

  • A high stability ratio keeping her safe at all times

  • Can be used on any kind of water, ocean, seas and lakes

  • Large ergonomic cockpit with sundeck

  • Inside room for 4 persons to sleep

  • Easy trailerable

  • Only the very best materials and hardware are used. No compromises!

  • Designed and built by the largest manufacture worldwide in luxury day- and weekendsailers

Length: 8.2m 
Total weight: 1900 kg
Ballast keel: 750kg 
Mainsail: 24m2
Self tacking jib: 15m2
110% Jib: 18m2
Gennaker: 6m2
Total sail are upwind: 49 m2
Beam: 2.4m
Standard draft: 1.65m
Shallow draft: 1.15m
Mast height above water: 12m
Number of spreaders: 2
Engine: Torqeedo 6.0 POD
Certification: CE norm, acc. to C
Trailerable: YES

For more information, or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.

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