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The Agapi 950 offers a new slant on the big RIB. Greg Copp samples the delights served up on this floating smorgasbord ...

This Swedish yard might be relatively new to the game, having been around only a decade or so, but already Agapi have clocked up a few international awards. Their construction plant in Poland has 25 years' experience of produc1ng high-quality GRP craft, built for demanding use in Baltic waters. Consequently it was with no surprise that upon stepping aboard the 950, I found myself surrounded by high-quality fittings and mouldings, all topped by a carbon-fibre composite T-top. Without a shadow of a doubt, the devil is in the detail with this boat. Sitting in the helm seat you enjoy a superb view down to the bow. There is a clinical neatness about the Flexiteek-covered foredeck, embellished with inset guard rails, a flush-fitting deck hatch and a deck windlass running an internal anchor chain through a stem tube. Being typically Scandinavian in design, the guard rails are tall enough not to be a low-level trip hazard, while providing a stooped handhold if need be. They also serve the purpose of providing somewhere to hang fenders, which this boat needs with its comparatively high forward topsides.

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