• Bravo SUPer two-stage pump; 
  • lightweight 3-piece aluminium paddle with strengthened blade;
  • ankle surf leash with safety breaker;
  • valve repair kit 
  • lightweight, hardwearing WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything with your board, together with some spare towels etc etc 
  • 3 year warranty
  • Volume: 343L 
  • Deckpad: Diamond grove 
  • Carrying Capacity: 150kg
  • Board weight: 9.5kg
  • Technology: Double skin laminated fusion
  • Fins: Easy fix central fin + 2 indestructable side fins

Sandbanks Style - 'YOGA' Turquoise: 11' x 34'' x 6''Inflatable SUP Pa

  • At 11 ft high and 34 inches wide, the YOGA offers fantastic stability and glide. Hydrodynamic shaping, including a rocker at the nose for wave performance, allows the Yoga to cut through the water. The 11ft length of the board gives the Cruiser impressive straight-line tracking, as well as excellent buoyancy - making it straightforward to carry a passenger. The Yoga's extra width makes this SUP very stable, enabling easy cruising and a great platform for Yoga.  The carrying handle is set to one side to give a large free area for Yoga exercises.  

    • Advanced Board Shaping for excellent performance through the water, giving you longer gliding time

    • Extra width and length for maximum stability and buoyancy

    • Rocker (upturn at the nose) ensures good wave performance

    • Crocodile skin deckpad provides a smooth yet grippy surface for lying and standing 

    • Larger flat mat gives you all the space you need to practice and master yoga on the paddleboard.

    • Handle has been moved to the side to ensure it does not get in the way 

    • Triple Fin for extra control, including 1 easy fix fin and two attached guide fins for shallow water 


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