The Sandbanks Jumbo iSUP is for those who like heading out on the water together. At 14 foot long and 60 inches wide, this board is super stable and can easily carry up to 4 - 6 people (four paddlers, two passengers). For best results we recommend 2-4 paddlers with two passengers.

The Sandbanks Jumbo uses the same Fusion technology and heavy-duty PVC that can be found in the rest of our range. This has a massive impact when used in a multi-person board because not only is the board incredibly strong, but also it's unbelievably light. The board weighs just 17kg and has 6 handles around the edge of the board, making it simple to get the board in the water.

Whether you are a family of fun seekers or a small group of friends with a attitude for adventure, the Sandbanks Family allows you to share the experience of paddleboarding and have a truly awesome time with truly awesome people

Jumbo Board

    • 14 foot long and 60 inches wide, making the board extra stable regardless of how many paddlers are on board

    • Rocker (upturn at the nose) ensures good wave performance

    • Diamond Grove Deckpad provides a comfortable grippy surface for your feet.

    • 6 additional handles positioned around the outside make carrying and climbing onto the board easy.

    • 3 large fins gives the board extra straight-line performance