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Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance.  The ability to sail off a lee shore, shorten a passage to within the available weather window and safely manoeuvre through heavy seas.


Equally important is having the comfort required to avoid fatigue when heading offshore.  A dry and comfortable cockpit, good visibility, and a forgiving motion are essential for a safe and enjoyable passage.


Outbound Yachts are designed with all of these important aspects in mind - Resulting in an extremely comfortable sailing yacht with massive stowage and tankage that is required for safe and enjoyable offshore passages. 


Current Models: -  Outbound 46'  52'  56'.  

New models: - Outbound 52' Voyager and Outbound 60'

Voyager 52
Voyager 52
Voyager 52 Stern
Voyager 52 Stern
Voyager 52 - Interior
Voyager 52 Rendering
Outbound 46
Outbound 52
Outbound 56
Outbound 46
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Unit E, Building 6, Swanwick Marina, Swanwick, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 1ZL, England.

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Voyager 52