The main idea in the design of the 560 model is to combine safety and ease of control. Our 560 tender is engineered to the highest standards.  If you summed up all the features and advantages of the Agilis 560 in one word, that word would be comfort.


The jet tender is designed to carry ten passengers and will be a perfect option for your yacht.



A centrally located Mercury Diesel engine makes for ideal weight distribution, translating into a smooth, level ride – even at high speeds.  Make no mistake, with its corrosion resistant, fuel efficient high-pressure common-rail fuel injection motor, the Agilis 560 is not only smooth and quiet as a butterfly; with 170 hp for reaching up to 38 knots, it also packs a real punch. Throw in the 130-litre fuel tank and optimum fuel economy, and now we’re talking long distances and numerous trips without having to refuel.  


The engine is whisper quiet, thanks to the fully insulated, electronic engine hatch.  Finally, with two batteries – one for the engine, one for the electrical equipment – the only type of stranded you’ll ever know will be on a beach of your choosing.



With the Agilis 560, we’re taking the game to a whole new level – with an electronically activated hydraulic reverse gate. Now, low-speed cruising and reverse drive can be achieved simply by pressing a button.


The Agilis 560 jet tender is fitted with clear and functional instrumentation and a digital dashboard as well as a parallel power system that includes an automatic power switch and an optional second battery.

All Agilis models are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system based on NFC227 gas. The system is able to detect and localise fire automatically at the earliest stage.


Inflatable tubes are made of ORCA fabrics, which are highly regarded in the marine industry for their reliability and the strongest resistance.


You can choose from a wide range of customised features and a choice of tube colours. 

L.O.A. : 5.60 m
Beam : 2.40 m
Height : 1.23/1.73m (with folded windscreen)
Dry Weight : 1150 kg
Capacity : 10 persons
Engine : Mercury Diesel 2.0l 
Performance : 170 hp 
Top Speed : 38 knots (71km/h)
Fuel tank : 130 litres


For more information, or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.