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Meeting the diverse interests and needs of our customers

  • Cutting-edge design 

  • Advanced construction technologies

  • World-class quality standards



We have designed the Agilis range of jet tenders to combine the comfort, power, durability and ease of control within the dimensions.


Compact and economical, yet powerful Rotax engines are designed specially to deliver reliable and lasting performance.

Rotax features a closed-loop cooling system that prevents corrosive salt water from entering the engine.


The Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) technology minimises mechanical friction and improves thermodynamic efficiency for optimal performance. Finally, it is environmentally friendly and emits virtually no harmful gases.


With one hand on the handlebar, the driver can engage forward, neutral and reverse for stable, work-free maneuvering at low speeds. This system will help drivers with low speed maneuvers and docking. Making the ride more comfortable and restful.


We fit clear and functional instrumentation and a digital dashboard as well as a parallel power system that includes an automatic power switch and an optional second battery

All Agilis Models are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system based on NFC227 gas. This system is able to detect and localise fire automatically at the earliest stage.

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